“Jump”: Risk-taking vocabulary through music

This is a ready-made lesson you can use with your intermediate / upper-intermediate students. Copy and paste whatever you want to your heart’s content! You can use it to introduce / supplement those classic coursebook units on risk-taking, overcoming adversity etc. or as a stand-alone lesson. The song is a mid-tempo ballad sung by Take […]

Awkwardness: a video-based listening lesson

This lesson is based on a recent post in which I discussed seven ways to get maximum mileage out of video-based listening activities. Before you go any further, please take five minutes to read the original article. The lesson is suitable for both teenagers and adults at B1 / B2. Feel free to use it […]

teaching inversion – guest post by Ricardo Barros

It has long bothered me that the use of inversions in speaking is largely seen as unnatural. Time and time again I would go to a training session or overhear other teachers speaking and inversions would come up in a mocking tone, as if using this particular structure in speaking is hilarious in itself. In […]

5 song extracts to help students link sounds better

This post contains a 5-minute video with song excerpts highlighting some of the ways in which vowels, semi-vowels and consonant sounds are linked in English.