4 tips to help you teach advanced students

I don’t think I have ever taught or observed an advanced lesson that went seriously wrong. I mean cringe-worthy wrong. Which is hardly surprising. After all, advanced students have been in the game long enough and know enough English to ensure that most of our lessons run – at worst – relatively smoothly. But I […]

Can I learn English in 18 months?

No. Can I learn English in 24 months? No. 32? Stop asking. This is the wrong question.

internet memes & concept checking, by Marcelo de Cristo

Internet memes are all around us these days. Whether you like them or not, you are bombarded with them 24/7 through social media. And so are your learners – kids, teens and adults who sometimes find learning about grammar difficult… or just dead boring! So how can you take advantage of internet memes to help […]

4 questions to help you plan your next grammar lesson

A lot of what we do in class tends to be related to grammar in one way or another. This post, which won the British Council Blog of the Month Award in Feb 2013, examines some of the questions that we should ask ourselves before planning a grammar lesson.