4 tips to help you teach advanced students

I don’t think I have ever taught or observed an advanced lesson that went seriously wrong. I mean cringe-worthy wrong. Which is hardly surprising. After all, advanced students have been in the game long enough and know enough English to ensure that most of our lessons run – at worst – relatively smoothly. But I […]

teaching inversion – guest post by Ricardo Barros

It has long bothered me that the use of inversions in speaking is largely seen as unnatural. Time and time again I would go to a training session or overhear other teachers speaking and inversions would come up in a mocking tone, as if using this particular structure in speaking is hilarious in itself. In […]

second conditional video

Here’s a funny second conditional video you can use with your intermediate students. It’s based on a short excerpt from Jay Leno’s talk show. Spread the word:

collocations with lie

Who would’ve thought American political pundit Rachel Maddow would ever end up throwing a video with 10 collocations with lie on my lap? Spread the word: