Can I learn English in 18 months?

No. Can I learn English in 24 months? No. 32? Stop asking. This is the wrong question.

subject / verb agreement mistakes: 7 things to bear in mind.

First things first: What is subject / verb agreement? It’s a grammatical rule that states that the verb must agree in number with its subject. In English, present tense verbs change to show agreement in the third person singular form by adding an S (or ES). Seems fairly straightforward, doesn’t it? So how could it be that […]

noticing and language learning

Of all the ELT buzzwords I’ve heard, thought about and used over the past decade, noticing has got to be by far the most frequent. Fortunately, noticing is nowhere near as broad and ambivalent as communicative, for example, which makes it much easier to pin down conceptually. So, what is noticing, anyway, and how does […]

linguistic intuition

There’s a very interesting discussion taking place on Scott Thornbury’s blog right now, sparked by his brilliant “feel” post. The central question he attempts to address is one which has been incessantly nagging at me for at least fifteen years: What’s the role of linguistic intuition in language learning?