Awkwardness: a video-based listening lesson

This lesson is based on a recent post in which I discussed seven ways to get maximum mileage out of video-based listening activities. Before you go any further, please take five minutes to read the original article. The lesson is suitable for both teenagers and adults at B1 / B2. Feel free to use it […]

4 tips to help you teach advanced students

I don’t think I have ever taught or observed an advanced lesson that went seriously wrong. I mean cringe-worthy wrong. Which is hardly surprising. After all, advanced students have been in the game long enough and know enough English to ensure that most of our lessons run – at worst – relatively smoothly. But I […]

turn-taking: whose turn is it anyway? By Inara Couto

Are turn-taking skills teachable? Yes, says ELT professional Inara Couto. Read on to find out more.

Terry Aranda (part 2)

Reading as Critical Thinking (part 2) Click here for the first part of this post. Literature circles are a special kind of small-group literature discussion in which the kids themselves lead the discussion in a genuinely cooperative and learner-centered environment (Kaufman, G. & Short, K.1995). The circles may have different formats, using the same text […]