2-minute “second conditional” video presentation

This post contains a very short excerpt from Big Bang Theory with a classic “second conditional” example and on-screen activities.

Last week I saw what was possibly the funniest Big Bang Theory episode ever and, to my delight, there was also a short extract that screamed “second conditional.”
So, guess what, here’s a little something for you: a 2-minute (well, two minutes and twenty seconds)  video presentation you can use with your A2/early B1 students.

It’ll probably work equally well with young and older students.
Remember, though, that this is simply the beginning of the process. Students will need lots of practice, further exposure and opportunities for real(istic) use.

Check out these other resources:
1. Another, slightly more advanced “second conditional” video.
2. Excerpts from “second conditional” songs.
3. Funny text full of “second conditional” examples.

If you’re wondering why I’m using “second conditional” between quotes, check out this must-read article.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “2-minute “second conditional” video presentation”

  1. ricbarros says:

    I really enjoyed the must-read article Luiz. It’s amazing that more than 20 years later people are still talking about it (both at ABCI and LABCI this year there were people saying how restrictive the 1st/2nd/3rd conditional names are.

    1. Luiz Otávio says:

      Thank you, Ricardo.

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