dog break-up

Here’s a refreshingly unusual, highly amusing and yet gut-wrenchingly poignant video extract that can help you spice up those ever so dreaded lessons on love and relationships that every teacher of English has taught, is teaching or will teach one day. Have fun.

After the usual comprehension work (doesn’t this video scream inference-making?), here’s some of the language you can draw students’ attention to:

Just as tough for me as it is for you
Just about all you can do

I was dumb enough to
I was stupid enough to

Have respect for someone
Sacrifice (12 years) for someone
Thank someone for something
Fall for something
Stick up for someone
Dump someone for someone else

I can’t for the life of me remember where I first saw the video, but I will be happy to edit this post and acknowledge the source if I can ever trace the original site.

Thanks for reading. And for watching.

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  1. Hi Luiz, this is a really lovely video to use for a class, thanks for sharing it. You have an interesting site here, I’ll try to use it for classes in the future. Keep up the great work.

    Jon Sumner

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