present perfect cartoons

To brighten up this dreary Saturday afternoon, I decided to go through my New Yorker cartoon collection (downloaded for free via iTunes) for a quick laugh and found six cute little cartoons (15 seconds each) containing examples of the dreaded present perfect. Yes, you’ve heard that right – six present perfect cartoons. Have fun!

Here are the sentences:

1. The jury has found you guilty.

2. Sorry. He’s changed his mind again.

3. We’ve voted you off the island.

4. Now look what you’ve done!

5. Thank you, but I’ve already provided for my children’s college education.

6. I love what you’ve done with the office!


  1. I’ve watched this cartoon many times because it’s funny and keeps our focus on the use of the present perfect. Well done! Thanks.

  2. Luiz Otávio says:

    Thank you, Gilberto. I hope they prove useful with your students.

  3. Luiz Otávio,

    I was watching Desperate Housewives SE02E01 and Bree is having a discussion with her mother-in-law about the clothes for the burial of her husband-son.

    After some disagreement the wife says: “He´s been buried in a blue suit.

    What´s the Present Perfect doing here?


    • Luiz Otávio says:

      AHAHAHAHHA! Elivan, that’s a classic, isn’t it? I remember this scene.
      Maybe emphasizing the present result of the action?

  4. Thanks for your input. It sounded so weird to me when I heard. Anyhow, with language I learnt not be shocked any longer.


  5. Thanks for sharing his video. It’s ridiculously difficult to find good video material to teach. I appreciate it.

  6. Giselle Fernandes says:

    Very nice activity! I’d like to see the hole sentences the characters say, if it’s possible.
    Thank you!

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